"[Silver Bridget] are an instrumental trio led by musical saw player Johnnie Day Durand. And they are fantastic. The band plays a mix of old favorites from across the landscape of pop music. But with Durand's saw taking the melody, the tunes, while still familiar, are spine-tinglingly eerie — think pop music if reimagined by David Lynch ... with a saw."


- Dan Bolles, Seven Days

"The Silver Bridget show had been on my radar for a couple of weeks and as the afternoon wore on, I started counting down the time. A little before 5 I took the lovely warm sun-filled walk downtown. I walked into Flatbread and headed out to the sun-filled alley. I got a table close to the band, ordered some food and a beer and waited for the show to begin...."


- Tim Lewis, from timstriangletribune

"Act to see ASAP, #5: Silver Bridget. Vermont filmmakers take note: you want Silver Bridget to score your next project. Their vaguely creepy Americana-style covers of a variety of tunes feature "vocals" by singing saw. It's one of the most beautiful and difficult instruments to play...Also, hot cover #4: Neil Diamond's, "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon."

- Jordan Adams, Seven Days

Photo Credit: Luke Awtry @lukeawtryphotography